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April 7th, 3:00pm

St. John's in the Village, 218 West 11th Street

The bandura has been called Ukraine’s national instrument. Julian Kytasty, a third generation professional bandurist honored by President Zelensky for his services to Ukrainian culture, has devoted a lifetime of exploration to the bandura and its historical traditions.

Evoking the blind singers who, with their guides, wandered the circuits of market-days and fairs, bringing historical epics, moralistic, and satirical songs, and sparkling bandura dance tunes to the Ukrainian people, Kytasty invites listeners on a journey down the winding roads of eighteenth-century Ukraine. His program conjures the comingling of these bards with itinerant scholars and teachers from the Kyiv Academy and other schools, which brought forth a music that remains fresh and compelling three centuries later. For this sacred and enlightened space, we share the particularly compelling and unique program of paraliturgical songs that sang of sacred subjects but were intended for performance in secular places.  

Online sales for this event have closed. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door.


The Esther Project

A story of ancient Persia recorded in Padova, Italy, this exquisite oratorio by Alessandro Stradella, the "Caravaggio of Music" sets the story of a timid girl who finds the courage to triumph over a genocidal despot by resorting to strategy rather than war.

A completed recording will be released later this year. A film project interweaving Esther's story in ancient Persia with a tale of female heroism in modern day Iran unfolds, under the direction of Jessica Gould, SSC founder and artistic director of Salon Sanctuary Concerts and multi-award winning director of Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion

Click here to read more about our most exciting musical time travel adventure to date.

Previous concerts this season


February 20th, 7:00pm
Pangea, 178 2nd Avenue between 11th and 12th streets
Grant Herreid, tenor, recorder, & lute
Ryan Closs, lute, baroque guitar, and fiddle
Hideki Yamaya, lute and cittern

Before the stiffening of the proverbial upper lip, the musical celebration of vice was a lively corner of English entertainment. From London pubs to the Royal Court and every class in between, post-Restoration Britons reveled in tales of the foppish, the caddish, the rakish, and the altogether disgraceful. Let our incorrigible musicians,  Grant Herreid, Ryan Closs and Hideki Yamaya, dissolve your post-Valentine’s Day regrets in the lovely music and spicy lyrics of Purcell, Leveridge, D’Urfey, Handel, and others in the club room of the casual and classy Pangea. Huzzah!

There is a $20 minimum per person (food or beverage).


The house opens at 6:00pm for food and beverage service. Please join us for dinner.

Seating is first come first served. PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY.


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