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A vital part of the Salon/Sanctuary experience is the rich variety of program notes that offer a wider scope into the background of our events. We hope you enjoy this selection of notes by various performer/authors below, taken from our first ten years of adventurous programming.

All notes and programs, unless otherwise specified, are © Salon/Sanctuary Concerts and the authors.

Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Obivion

Jessica Gould

In the Wake of the Marseillaise

Jessica Gould

A Decoration of Silence

Nigel North


Carthage Conquer’d

Jessica Gould


Cracks in the Wall

Jessica Gould


At the Pleasure of Mazarin

Jessica Gould


The Gesamtkunstwerk and the Geniza

Jessica Gould


Of Saints and Prostitutes

Diego Cantalupi (trans. Jessica Gould)


The Library in the House of the Redeemer

Joseph Connors


More Between Heaven and Earth

Jessica Gould


What do we know of Denis Diderot?

Jessica Gould


From Ghetto to Palazzo

Jessica Gould


From the Ridiculous to the Divine

Corina Marti and Jessica Gould


Napoleon expressed a great dislike for French music

Jessica Gould


How to Flirt, Mostly on Water, in Four Different Countries

Rebecca Ringle Kamarei

Bend it like Bernini

Adam Nathaniel Furman


Concertos, Sonatas, and Suites

Bradley Brookshire

Il Dolce Suono – Ki Kolech Arev

Jessica Gould, Giovanni Guidetti, Corina Marti, Doron Schleifer

Rossini in Paris

Jennifer Rivera


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